Statement of Support

We have a Statement of Support for Faslane 365 which is available for individuals or organisations to sign.

We also have a model resolution for Trades Unions who wish to support Faslane 365. This can be downloaded as PDF, in OpenDocument Text format or in Rich Text Format (RTF: will open in most word processors including MS Word). See end of this page.

We have drafted the following statement of support for civil resistance at Faslane. If you or your organisation would like to consider signing it then please print off the PDF, fill it in and post it back to us at this address.

This statement may also be downloaded as a PDF (see end of page).

Faslane 365

Statement of Support

Like all weapons of mass destruction Trident is illegal under international law and is a complete betrayal of our humanity. In the absence of any genuine intention by the state to undertake disarmament I/this organisation applaud and support those who respond to this gross evil by peaceful actions of civil resistance, including the nonviolent disruption of the Trident submarine base at Faslane by blockading.

For Individual Signatory.


Signed by :-

Name, address, email, profession and position of individual signatory:-



For Organisations.


Signed by:-

Status in Organisation:-

Name, address, email and website of Organisation:-



Please sign where appropriate and return by email to or by post to:- Faslane 365, Valley Farmhouse, East Runton, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9PN, UK.

Signatories to the Statement of Support

Signatories to the Faslane 365 Statement of Support.

Last Updated: 16 October 2007


Please Note: The listing of some signatories in bold simply reflects that their listing is also a link to their website. Those listed in ordinary type are those for whom we have no website to link to. There is no other significance to the typeface.

Abolition 2000 UK

Action for Compassion and True Justice (ACT)

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp

Anarchists against the Wall, Israel

Antimilitaristas, Spain

Assynt Peace Group

ASWAT - Palestinian Gay Women, Palestine

Atomic Mirror

Bangor and Ynys Mon Peace and Justice Group


Bomspotting, Belgium

Brecknock Peace and Justice Group

Brighton Peace and Environment Centre

Cairde Na hEireann

Cambridge Stop the War

Cambridgeshire Respect

Camcorder Guerrillas

Campaign Against the Arms Trade - CAAT

Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB)

Campaign Against Criminalising Communities - CAMPACC

Canadian Voice of Women Peace Group, BC, Canada

Clergy Action Group

Clergy Against Nuclear Arms

Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT), Canada


Committee of 100, Finland

Communist Party of Britain

Communist Party of Wales (Plaid Gomwnyddol Cymru)

Cromarty Peace Group

Cumbria and North Lancashire Peace Group

Cymru X

Disarmament and Security Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand

Dundee and Tayside Social Forum

Dundee Trades Union Council

Edinburgh Peace and Justice Resource Centre

Educating for Peace, Canada

Falmouth Peace and Justice Group

Farringdon Peace Group

Faslane Peace Camp
Fellowship of Reconciliation - Glendwr
Footprints for Peace, USA

Forum voor Vredesactie, Belgium

Friedens und Begegungsstatte Mutlangen, Germany

Friends of the Earth

Galloway Coalition for Justice and Peace

Glasgow Islamic Centre

Glasgow Stop the War

Grassroots Foundation, Germany

Grandmothers for Peace International

Green Party


Grupo Antimilitarista de Carabanchel, Spain

Hereford Peace Council

Hope Valley Peace Group


International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) - Germany

Internationaler Verohnungsbund Osterreichscher Zweig, Austria

Impact News

International Association Against Nuclear Arms - Pacific Office

International Fellowship of Reconciliation, Wales

International Peace Bureau

Iona Community

Iona Community Youth Department


Jordanhill Parish Church

Jubilee Scotland

Justice not Vengeance - JNV

Knighton Action for Peace and Justice

Kurdistan National Congress

Lakenheath Action Group

London Catholic Worker

London Rising Tide

Luath Press Ltd.

Management School of Restorative Business (MSRB)

Mayors for Peace - Germany

Mendip All Drummers

Midhurst Peace Group

Ministry of Peace

MM Solutions

Mouvement Chretien Pour La Paix - Belgium

Mouvement de la Paix - France

Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (MANW) - India

Movement for the Abolition of War - Bedford

Movimento de Objecion de Conciencia - Paraguay

National Foundation For Youth Initiative - Ghana

Network for Peace

Network of Engaged Buddhists

Nipponzam Myohoji

Nuclear Free Takoma Park Committee

Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance, USA


Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Pax Christi


Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Peace Office, Japan

Peace People, Northern Ireland

Peace Shop Cardiff

Penarth Christian Network of Campaign Against Arms Trade

Photo Circle Patrone, Japan

Plaid Cymru

Red Leicester Choir

Reforest the Earth

Religious Society of Friends

Raging Grannies - Victoria, B.C., Canada

Rhythms of Resistance Sheffield

Saffron Walden Peace Group

School Students Against War

Scientists for Global Responsibility
Scotland UXB
Scottish Education and Action for Development
Scottish National Party
Scottish Young Greens
Seize the Day
Sindicato de Oficios Varios de Confederacion General del Trabajo, Spain
Socialist Workers Party (SWP)
Solidarity - Scotland Socialist Movement

Soul Purpose Choir

Stop the War Coalition
Sussex Environmental Society

Sussex Peace Alliance

Sussex University Student Union
Talamh Housing Co-Op

The Gandhi Foundation

Trident Ploughshares

Tweeddale Peace Group

Union of Conscientious Objectors of Finland

Unison - York City Branch

Voices in the Wilderness UK

War Resisters' International

We Are Wide Awake (WAWA), USA

Wimbledon Disarmament Coalition

Women in Black

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Brighton, Hove and District Branch, UK Section.

Woodcraft Folk

Word Power Books

Wrekin Stop War

Young Greens

Young Scots for Independence (YSI)


Elected Representatives

This is a current list of Elected Representatives that have signed the Statement of Support to endorse the Faslane 365 blockades.

Former MSPs
Chris Ballance(Green)
Mark Ballard(Green)
Rosemary Byrne(Solidarity)
Campbell Martin(Indep)
Stuart Callison(Green)
Dennis Canavan(Indep)
Frances Curran(SSP)
Colin Fox(SSP)
Rosie Kane(SSP)
Carolyn Leckie(SSP)
Tommy Sheridan(Solidarity)

Current MSPs
Bashir Ahmad MSP (SNP)
Keith Brown MSP (SNP)
Malcolm Chisolm MSP (Labour)
Roseanna Cunningham MSP (SNP)
Bob Doris MSP (SNP)
Linda Fabiani MSP (SNP)
Joe Fitzpatrick MSP (SNP)
Rob Gibson MSP (SNP)
Marlyn Glen MSP (Labour)
Christine Grahame MSP (SNP)
Robin Harper MSP (Green)
Prof.C.T.Harvie MSP (SNP)
Patrick Harvie MSP (Green)
Jamie Hepburn MSP (SNP)
Adam Ingram MSP (SNP)
Bill Kidd MSP (SNP)
Richard Lockhead MSP (SNP)
Stewart Maxwell MSP (SNP)
Christina McKelvie MSP (SNP)
Stuart McMillan (SNP)
Gil Paterson MSP (SNP)
Cathy Peattie MSP (Labour)
Shona Robison MSP (SNP)
Alex Salmond MSP (SNP)
Elaine Smith MSP (Labour)
John Swinney MSP (SNP)
Dave Thompson MSP (SNP)
Stefan Tymkewycz MSP (SNP)
Sandra White MSP (SNP)

Martin Caton MP (Labour)
Katy Clark MP (Labour)
Harry Cohen MP (Labour)
Jeremy Corbyn MP (Labour)
Dai Davies MP (Independent)
David Drew MP (Labour and Co-operative Party)
George Galloway MP (Respect)
Dr.Ian Gibson MP (Labour)
Stewart Hosie MP (SNP)
Lynne Jones MP (Labour)
Elfyn Llwyd MP(Leader of Plaid Cymru)
John McDonnell MP (Labour)
Adam Price MP (Plaid Cymru)
Linda Riordan MP (Labour)
Alex Salmond MP (SNP)
Alan Simpson MP (Labour)
Hywell Williams MP (Plaid Cymru)

Former AMs
Janet Davies AM (Plaid Cymru)

Current AMs
Jocelyn Davies AM (Plaid Cymru)
Bethan Jenkins AM (Plaid Cymru)
Alun Ffred Jones AM (Plaid Cymru)
Elin Jones AM (Plaid Cymru)
Helen Mary Jones AM (Plaid Cymru)
Dr. Dai Lloyd AM (Plaid Cymru)
Janet Ryder AM (Plaid Cymru)
Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM (Plaid Cymru)
Leanne Wood AM (Plaid Cymru)

Jill Evans MEP(Plaid Cymru – Wales)
Els de Groen MEP
Mrs Satu Hassi MEP(Greens/EFA, Finland)
Jens Holm, MEP(Left Party - GUE/NGL - Sweden)
Ian Hudghton MEP (SNP/Scotland)
Gisela Kallenbach MEP (Green – Germany)
Dr. Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann, MEP (Vice-Chair GUE/NGL Group, Die Linke - Germany)
Sepp Kusstatscher MEP(Greens - Italy)
Jean Lambert MEP(Green - UK)
Caroline Lucas MEP(Green - UK)
Dr.Marios Matsakis MEP(ALDE - Cyprus)
Luisa Morgantini MEP(Italy)
Eva-Britt Svensson, MEP (GUE/NGL Swedish Left Party - Sweden)
Claude Turmes MEP(Greens - Luxembourg)
Tatjana Zdanoka MEP(For Human Rights in United Latvia Party - Latvia)

Aotearoa/New Zealand
Metiria Turei. MP, Green Party Aotearoa/New Zealand

Senator Pierre Galand (PS/Belgium)

Krista van Velzen (Member of Dutch Parliament, Socialist Party)

Councillors & Mayors
Cllr. Ewan Aitken (Labour Edinburgh City Councillor)
Cllr. Dr. Nic Best (Green Party District Councillor)
Cllr. Fiona Callison (Liberal Democrat Councillor East Dunbartonshire)
James Dornan (SNP-Glasgow City Council)
Cllr Jennifer Dunn (SNP-Glasgow City Council)
Cllr. Billy Fitzpatrick (Senior Bailie Edinburgh City Council)
Cllr. Hanif Jahangir (Glasgow City Council)
Cllr. Graeme Hendry (SNP-Glasgow City Council)
Gwyn Hopkins (Carmarthenshire County Councillor, Plaid Cymru)
Allison Hunter (SNP-Glasgow City Council)
Dr. Dafydd Iwan (President of Plaid Cymru)
Cllr. Gwenllian Lansdown (Plaid Cymru County Councillor)
Gerhard Lemm (Mayor of Radeberg, Germany)
Cllr. Craig Mackay (SNP-Glasgow City Council)
Cllr. Frank.R.McManus (Todmorden)
Cllr. Willie Sawers (SNP- Dundee)
Jaci Taylor (Aberystwyth, Councillor)
Cllr. Alison Thewliss (Glasgow City Council)
Mayor Wakisotown (Mayor of Kampala Town Council, Uganda)
Cllr. Chris Wigglesworth (Edinburgh City Council)

Religious Leaders

Rev. Hazel Barkham
Rev. Dr. David S. Batholomew
Sister Laurette Bergin
Rev. Mitchell Bunting
Rev. Philip Caldwell
Rev. David H. Clark
Rt.Rev. Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Reading
Rt.Rev. Kenneth Cragg, Formerly Assistant Bishop in Jerusalem
Rt.Rev. Anthony Crockett, Bishop of Bangor
Sr. Ann Cunningham
Fr Louis Darrant
Rev. Richard W. Dent
Rev Peter Donald
Rev. Roger Dyer
Rev. Jerry Eve
Rev. A.FitzGerald
Rev. David Ford
Rev. John Harris
Rev. Dr. Knut Heim
Rev Roy Henderson
Rev. Chris Hughes
Rev. Bill Hunter
Rev. Andrew Jack
Rev. Diane Johnson
Rev T Gerwyn Jones
Rev. Hans Leander, Sweden
Rev. James A I MacEwan
Rev. Canon Proffessor Marilyn McCord Adams, Christ Church, Oxford.
Rev. David McLachlan
Rt.Rev. Thomas McMahon, Bishop of Brentwood, Essex
Rev. Jill Marsh
Rev Ali Marshall
Rev. Joseph Millar
Rev Ian Miller
Revd Rosslyn Miller
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra
Rev. Thomas Molloy
Rev.Watson Moyes
Rev Martin Newell
Rev. Paul Anthony Newman
Rev. Andrew Orton
Canon David Partridge
Rev. David Platt
Rt.Rev. Peter Price, Bishop of Bath and Wells
Rev.Dr. Bernard Randall
Marie Redmond O.P., Dominican Prioress
Rev. Colin Renwick
Canon Jim Samuel
Rev. George Shand
Canon Andrew Shanks
Rev. Dr. Norman Shanks
Rev. Christine Sime
Rev. Samuel Siroky
Rev. Iain Stiven
Rev. Pamela Turner
Rev. Ainslie Walton
Rev. James B. Watson
Rev. Arrick D Wilkinson
Rev. David William Thomas, Canon of St. David’s Cathedral, Wales
Dr. David Wood, Reader
Rev. G.A.Wood
Rev. Elizabeth Youngson
Sheikh Dr Muhammad Yusuf

Academics & Researchers

Dr Nadje Al-Ali, Univeristy of Exeter
Professor Daniel J Amit, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Martin Arnold, University of Siegen, Germany
Bob Aldridge, Pacific Life Research Center, USA
Emeritus Professor Roy Bailey, Sheffield Hallam University
Prof. Dr. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach, University Giessen, Germany
Sue Blackwell, University of Birmingham
Heather Blakey, University of Bradford
Dr Lucy Bland, London Metropolitan University
Dr Andrew Boswell, University of East Anglia
Professor Francis A. Boyle, University of Illinois, USA
Dr. Maud Bracke, University of Glasgow
Raemond Bradford, Glasgow Nautical College
Jean Brant, Birmingham University
Julian Broughton, University of Sussex
Dr Chris Busby, University of Liverpool
Retd. Professor Jocelyn Chamberlain
Howard Clark, Coventry University
Professor Cynthia Cockburn, City of London University
Dr Thomas B. Cochran, USA (Natural Resources Defense Council)
Lara Coleman, University of Bristol
Giles Dickins, University of Sussex
Professor Paolo Cotta-Ramusino, Italy (Secretary-General of Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs
Susannah Diamond, Sheffield University
Stephen Dickinson, Lancaster University
Dr. Julia Droeber, Aberdeen University
Dr. Veronique Dudouet, Berghof Research Center, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Peter van den Dungen, University of Bradford
Professor David Dwyer, Michigan State University, USA
Professor Stale Eskeland, University of Oslo, Norway
Dr Anita Fábos, University of East London
Dr. Isabelle Fremeaux, Birkbeck College, University of London
Distinguished Professor Henry Frisch, University of Chicago, USA
Dr Jane Garnett, Oxford University
Daphne Glazer
Dr Natalie Goldring, Georgetown University, USA
Alice Gray
Diane Green, Northumberland College
Regina Hagen, Germany
Professor Karen Hallberg, Argentina (atomic physicist)
Professor Tom H. Hastings, Portland State University, USA
Dr. Wolfgang Hertle, Hamburger Institut fur Sozialforschung, Germany
Retd.Assoc.Professor Patrick Hewins, University of Castilla-La-Mancha, Spain
Simon Heywood, University of Derby
Emeritus Professor John Hick, University of Birmingham
Peter Hick, University of Birmingham
Nicholas Hildyard
Dr Hugh V St A Hubbard,University of Leeds
Dr Kate Hudson, London South Bank University
Emeritus Professor John M Hull, University of Birmingham
Paul Ingram
Professor Nobuo Isagai, Saga University, Japan
Dr. Rebecca Johnson
Dr. Alison Jolly, University of Sussex
Margaretta Jolly, University of Exeter
Susan Jolly, University of Sussex
John Jordan
Dr Venance Journet, France
Prof. Kasonga wa Kasonga
Dr. Justin Kenrick, University of Glasgow
Mrs. M. Kidd, University of North Carolina, USA
Dr David Kirkland
Professor Masao Kunihiro, University of Edinburgh
Dr Christopher Land, University of Essex
Professor B.E.Leake
Dr Keekok Lee, University of Lancaster
D. I. Lonie, University of Glasgow
Joan Lionet Lopez, Spain
Dr. David Lowry
Professor Alan H McGowan, United States (New School University, New York)
Professor Alastair McIntosh, University of Strathclyde
Debra Malpass, University of Birmingham
Dr. Robert Marsh, Leicester University
Dr. Anat Matar , Tel Aviv University, Israel
Dr. Andy Mathers, University of the West of England
Professor Amitabh Mattoo, India (Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu)
Assistant Professor Roseanne McDougall, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, USA
Emeritus Professor Ted Milburn CBE, Strathclyde University
Dr. Anita Mir
Professor Eisaku Miyoshi, Kyushu University, Japan
R.A.Mogotlane, South Africa
Dr Paul D. Murray, Durham University
Dr Eleanor Nesbitt, University of Warwick
Professor Peter Nicholls, University of Essex
Prof. Dr. Karl Ernst Nipkow, University of Tübingen, Germany
Dr. Uzeyir Ok, Cumhuriyet University, Sivas, Turkey
Dr. Stuart Parkinson
Gary Potter, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland
Michael Randle
Dr. Glen Rangwalla, Cambridge University
Dr. Rupert Read, University of East Anglia
Professor Andrew Rigby, Coventry University
Dr. Anna Robinson-Pant, University of East Anglia
Professor Paul Rogers, Bradford University
Richard Sanders, Canada
Professor Jonathan Schell
Dr Daniel G. Scott, University of Victoria, Canada
Professor David Seddon, University of East Anglia
Asst. Professor Takashi Someya, Saga University, Japan
Dr Crawford Spence, University of St Andrews
Anna Stavrianakis, Bristol University
Dr. Fionn Stevenson, University of Dundee
Professor Kojima Takayuki, Saga University, Japan
Emeritus Professor Terumi Terao, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
Dr James B Thring
Vincent Tilsley
Professor Emeritus Sumio Tojo, Saga University, Japan
Dr Alberto Toscano, Goldsmiths College, London
Professor Kouichi Toyoshima, University of Saga, Japan
Professor Achin Vanaik, Delhi University, India
Dr. Stellan Vinthagen, Gothenburg University, Sweden.
Professor David Webb, Leeds Metropolitan University
Dr Mick Wilkinson, University of Hull
Dr. Andrea Williamson, Glasgow University
Patricia Willis, Canada
Dr Perry Willson, University of Edinburgh
Nicholas Wood

Diplomats & Government Officials

Mohamed Al-Sharaa, Iraq (Director-General, Iraqi National Monitoring Directorate)
Ambassor Ahmad Haggag, Egypt (Secretary-General, Africa Society)
Dr Miguel Marin-Bosch, Mexico (retired ambassador and former deputy Foreign Minister)
Ambassador Mohamed I Shaker, Egypt (former ambassador to the UK and President of the NPT Review Conference 1985)
Mr. Katsumi Takeoka, ex-Chief Secretariat of the Minister, Defence Agency (now Ministry of Defence), Japan

Writers, Poets & Journalists

Iain Banks
Albert Beale
Oliver Bernard
Alan Bissett
Allan Cameron
Dr. Marcus Colchester
Mark Curtis
Scilla Ellworthy
Commander R.D.Green, Royal Navy (Ret’d)
Jay Griffiths
Mandy Haggith
Penny Kemp
Satish Kumar
Sean Legassick
Larry Lohmann
Gerry Loose
Mark Lynas
Adrian Mitchell
George Monbiot
Fiona Montgomery
David Nicol
Edward Pearce
John Pilger
Mil Rai
Tessa Ransford
James Robertson
John Rowley
Morelle Smith
Alan Spencer
Kenneth Steven
Zoë Strachan
Hilary Wainwright, Author and co-editor Red Pepper
Louise Welsh
Benjamin Zephaniah

Actors, Artists, Photographers, Film-makers, Musicians

Roy Bailey
Emilia Benjamin
Paul Fitzgerald (‘Polyp’)
John French
David Hoffman
Karl Dallas
Anne Feeney, USA
Jill Gibbon
Robb Johnson
Roger Lloyd Pack
Rory McLeod
Liza Mulholland
Vanessa Redgrave
Leon Rosselson
Emma Thompson
Rebecca Thorn
Eduardo Perez Vidal
Arabella Weir


Phon van den Biesen, Holland
Ria Convents, Belgium
John Burroughs, USA
Merav Datan, USA
Anabel Dwyer, USA
Daniel Fenn, Scotland
Fredriks Heffermehl, Norway
Kazuo Hizumi, Japan
Iwamoto Hogara, Japan
Jo. Lau, Italy
Robert L. Manson, UK
Frances McCartney, Scotland
Margaret Mound, UK
Jan Parry, UK
Hilary Patrick, Scotland
Nick Pletchy
Alice Slater, USA
Frans Smeets, Belgium
Peter Weiss, USA
Dr Detlev Wolter, Germany

Nobel Peace Prize Laureates

Dr Shirin Ebadi, Iran, lawyer and founder of the National Association in Support of Children’s Rights, Nobel Peace Laureate 2003

International Peace Bureau (Nobel Peace Prize 1910)

Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Northern Ireland, Hon. President and Co-founder, Peace People,
Nobel Peace Laureate (1976)

Right Livelihood Award Recipients

Annelies Allain, Malaysia, on behalf of the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), RLA 1998

Uri and Rachel Avnery, Israel, Founders of Gush Shalom, RLA 2001

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, USA, Physicians for Humanitarian Medicine International Science Oversight Committee For National Assoc. for Public Health Policy, RLA 1986

Tony Clarke, Canada, Director, Polaris Institute, Canada, RLA 2005

Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. USA, Professor Emeritus Environmental & Occupational Medicine, University of Illinois, RLA 1998

Anwar Fazal, Malaysia, Consumer Interpol, RLA1982,

Dr. Irene Fernandez, Malaysia, Tenaganita, RLA 2005

Professor Johan Galtung, Norway, Founding Father of Peace Research, RLA 1987

Stephen Gaskin, USA, Plenty International, RLA 1980

Edward Goldsmith, UK, Founding Editor of The Ecologist, RLA 1991

Dr. Inge Genefke, Denmark, The International Rehabilitation Council for Torture
Victims (IRCT), RLA 1988

Sharon Wesley Jackson, USA, President, The Land Institute, RLA 2000

Bianca Jagger, UK, Council of Europe Goodwill Ambassador, RLA 2004

Ida Kuklina, Russia, USCMR – The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia, RLA 1996

Felicia Langer, Israel, Human Rights Lawyer, RLA 1990

Birsel Lemke, Turkey, HAYIR (No) against gold-mining projects, RLA 2000

Professor Raul A. Montenegro, Argentina, National University of Cordoba, President of FUNAM, RLA 2004

Suciwati Munir, Indonesia, Chair of The Families of Victims Solidarity Network, RLA 2000

Mycle Schneider, France, International Consultant on Energy and Nuclear Policy, RLA 1997

Vesna Terselic, Croatia, Peace Activist, RLA 1998
John F.C. Turner, UK, Architect for self-managed homes and buildings, RLA 1988

Jakob von Uexkull, Sweden, Founder of RLA
George Vithoulkas, Greece, Professor of Homeopathic Medicine, RLA 1996

Ellen Moxley, Ulla Roder and Angie Zelter, UK, Trident Ploughshares, RLA 2001

Other Individuals

Jenny Aberle
Tasha Abhayaratna
Anne Adams
Jim Adams
Zachary Adams
Olivia Agate
Kresten Agerholm, Denmark
Duncan Ainslie
A. Aitken
J. Aitken
Dan Alderslowe
L. Alderslowe
Lusi Alderstone
Mats Alfredsson, Sweden
Samina Ali
Stephen Allan
Henry Allen
Philip Allen
Sue Alston
Mr. Amer
Mrs. Amer
Karen Marie Andersen
Colin Anderson
John Anderson
Roddy Anderson
S. Anderson
Mary Andersson
Michael Anthony
Carol Archer
Hamish Arrowsmith
Shigeru Ashikari, Japan
Fred Ashmore
Stephanie Astner, Germany
Sinde Astraea
Zornitsa Atanasova, Sweden
David Atiyah
Sean Atkin
Marcus Atkinson, Australia
Sr. Aurora
David Austin, USA
Inigo Ayarta
Chanella Bacon
Jennie Bailey
Dorothea Baker
Bob Ball
Catherine Ball
Frances Ballin
Marisa Baltrock
Antoinette Bambridge
Dr. Bob Banks
Juan Carlos Perez Baranco, Spain
Ellen Barfield, USA
Paul Barham
John Barker
Mary Barker
Sarah Barker
Ben Barman
Candia Barman
Pete Barnes
Scott Barnett
Teresa Ann Baron
Diana Barr
Wilma Barre
Liadan Barry
L. Bartholomew
Marcel Barton
Bas, The Netherlands
Hannah Batson
Lee Batson
Dariush Bazazi
Diana Beaumont
Sally Beaumont
John Beardmore
Patricia Beardmore
T. Beattie
Katy Beaver, Seychelles
L. Beetlestone
Molly Beire
Alexander Belic
Rosa Bellamy
Mark Benn
Andrew Bennet
Susan Bennet
Mike Benson
James Benstead
Lise Bentley
Michael Bentley
Sebastian Berg, Germany
Carla van den Bergh, Belgium
Hester Bevington
Noah Bevington
Susan Bia
Jean Bickley
Laura Biddington
Clare Bielby
Guido Bilanceri, France
Andrew Birkby
E. M. Bisset
Chris Black
Natalie Black
Rowan Blackburn
Claire Louise Blatchford
Jonathon C Blickenstaff, USA
Janet Bloomfield
Joan Bloomfield
Marike Blunck
Fofie Boafo Kennedy, Ghana
David Bober
Britta Bolte, Netherlands
Chas Booth
Chris Booth
J. Booth
John Boothroyde
Leonardo Boscarin
Benoit Boumati, France
Michael Bowman
Ian Boyd
Felicity B.Boyd
James Bradley
Pauline Bradley
Barbara Brash
Hanna Braun
Jason Braunigan
Jeffrey Brewster
M. Brindle
Belinda Brittain
Kasper van den Broek
Michael Brooklyn
Barbara Brooks
Zoe Broughton
Catherine Brown
Gordon Brown
Ruth Brown
Friederike Bruggen, Germany
Hein Bruggen, Germany
Marlene Bruggen, Germany
Harriet Buckley
J. Burch
Jacqui Burke
R Burridge
George Burton
Matt Bury
Cheryl Buxton-Sait
Simon Byrom
John Calderwood
Charlotte Cameron
Katherine Cameron
Ali Campbell
Christopher Campbell
Graham Campbell
Ross Campbell
Sarah Campbell
Stanley J Campbell
Tammy Campbell
Camilla Cancantata
Abigael Candelas
Mary Cannon
Kay Cardwell
Ulrika Carlström, Aaland Islands
John Carson
Viki Carter
Jonathan Casterton
Louise Castro
Maria de la Paz Acha Castro, Spain
Valerie Cattan
Jodie Cattell
Stephen Caves
Alessandra della Cella, Italy
Ian Chamberlain
Olivia Chandler
Elspeth Chantler
Eric Chantler
Mark Chapman, Northern Ireland
Brian Charlton
Ellen Charlton
Romain Chaudron, France
Junko Chen, Japan
Olivia Chessell
Abbie Clark
H.M. Clark
Joyce Clark
Susan Clark
Anne Clarkson
Richard Clay
Mara Clifton
Marie-Jo Cocker, France
Carol Cochran, USA
Alexander Cochrane
Alison Cocksey
Adam van Coevorden
David Coleman
Sophia Coles-Riley
George Collins
Verity Collins
Christine Colquhon
Juan Jose Fraile Conde, Spain
Adam Connell
Adam Conway
Rosalind Conway
Mr AE & Mrs M. Cooper
Susannah Cornwall
Chris Corrin
Marielle Couder, France
Pauline Coulthard
Christine Coulouris
Murray Court
Anita Couvrette, Canada
Tessa Cowrie
Gillian L. Cox
Roger Cox
Wendy Cox
A. Craig
Peter Crampton
Stella Crampton
Felicity Crawshaw
Nicola Creighton
Robin Creighton
Kristell Crenn
Stephen Crielly
J. Crow
M. Crow
Susan Crump
Jessica Cuerq,Germany
Sylvie Cuesta, France
Eamon Cullen
Mary Cullen
Jason Cunningham
Tina Cunningham
C. Currer
Judy Daborn
Eileen Daffern
Peter Darling
Rose Darling
Dave Daveson
Jillian Davey
Anne Mary Davies
Siviol Davies
Thelma Lloyd Davies
Sue Davis
Chris Davison
Lesley Davison
Jo Dawson
Alex Deacon
Gill Dean
Patricia DeBruhl
Trevor Delasalle
Renaud De Mot, Belgium
Francis Deutsch
Pol D’huyvetter, Belgium
Howard Dickson
Sharon Dinham
Louisa Dix
Richard Dixon
Jacqueline Donaghey
Mike Donelan
Sue Donelan
Laura Dorricott
Ben Drake
Adam Drews
Alyson Duckmanton
Clare Duffy
Andree Duguy-White
Alastair Duke-Wardrop
Emma Dummett
Heather Dungey
Gary Dunion
Heather Dunley
Jennifer Dunn
Tina Dunn
Moira Dunworth
Chantal Duval, France
Shirley Eastman
Andrew Edwards
Ann Edwards
Ceri Edwards
Mandy Edwards
J.M. Effer
N. Elton
Klaus Engell-Nielsen, Sweden
Patricia Entwhistle
Willem Eppenhof, The Netherlands
Sonja Eriksson, Finland
Mark Erkens, The Netherlands
Scott Erwin
Pascaline Etienne, France
Elda Evans
Maureen Evans
Meredydd Evans
Pat Evans
N. Everett
T. Everett
Russ Eyre
Michael Fagagnini, Germany
Rob Fairmichael
George Farebrother
Jenny Farrelly
Tony Farsky
Barbara Faustenhammer, Austria
Mary Fawdry
Hilary Fender
Allison Fenton
Janet Fenton
Merle Ferguson
Duncan Fermor
Brian Fewster
Sue Finch
Bryan Flanagan
Mark Fletcher
Susan Flindt
Catherine Flood
Peter Flood
Annie Flym
Geoff Force
Inge Ford
Kieran Ford
Abby Forrest
Keith Forrester-Paton
Fiona Forsyth
Rosemary Fox
Mrs. B.Foxworthy
Margaret Foyer
Dominic Francocci
Fred Frans, Ghana
Arran Fraser
Maggie Freake
Melvyn Freake
Dot Free
Emily Freeman
Andy French
Stephanie Futcher
Bernardine Freud
Kiyoko Fujiwara, Japan
Hiroko Fukagawa, Japan
Hisao Fukudome, Japan
Marika Fusser
Bruce Gagnon, USA
Ben Gaia, New Zealand
Kirsty Gallery
Fernando García, Spain
Alison Gardner
Ruth Gardner
K.A.Garlick, Australia
Myra Garrett
Muriel Gasnier, France
Jessica Gatty
Ismael Guadalupe, Puerto Rico
Enrique B Gauto – Paraguay
Nat Gavin
Marian Gell
Hala George
Sven Germonpre, Belgium
Joyce Giblin
Jenny Gibson
Joan Gibson
Lucy Gilbert
Patricia Gill
Ann Gillespie
Debbie Gillies
Paul Gilman
Dan Glass
Jude Glendinning
Pete Godfrey
S. Godfrey
Carla Goff, Belgium
Charles Goldie
Kathy Gollin
Alison Gooch
Karin Goodwin
Louise Goodwin
Dave Gorman
Michael Gould
Simon Gould
Marianne van de Goorberg, Belgium
J.D, Gracie
P. Graham
Thomas Graham
Sarah Granich
Jane Grant
Joe Grant
Stephanie Grant
Dunk Gray
Andrew Greaves
David Greaves
Sarah Greaves
Barbara Green
Mike Green
Diana Gregory
Paula Greig
Valerie Gribbin
Isis Griemirnx, Belgium
John Grierson
Ann Griffith
Kevin Griffith
Adam Griffiths
Rhodri Griffiths
Ernst Guelcher, Belgium
Dr. E.H.Gure-Klinke
Alice Guthrie
Sue Gutteridge
Suzan Hadlett
Mark Hagger
Karin Haglind, Sweden
Carl-Magnus Hãglund, Sweden
Christopher Haine
Richard Halby
Michael Hall
Graham Hallett
Eva Schouwenburg Hallin, Sweden
Phil Halstead
Reiko Hamamoto, Japan
Sally Hanley
Adrienne Hannah
Ben Hannen
Peter Haresnape
Joy Harris
Tessa Hartog
A. Harding
B.M. Harding
Elina Harju, Finland
Jesse Harris
Lawrence Harrison
Sally Harrop
John Hartwell
John Harvey
Katie Hastings
Jon Hatch
Tazuko Hatori, Japan
Pat Haward
Stuart Hay
David Hay-Edie
Kirstine Heald
Sylvie Heftrich, Luxemberg
Jenny Hennecke, Sweden
Sofie Henell, Sweden
Jean Hennings
J. Herbert
Jack Hereford, USA
Dave Hewitt
Ana Heyatawin
David Hibberd
Susan E. Hibberd
Michael Hibbs
Lorna Hicks
Sue Hicks
Cathy Higgins
Takako Higuchi, Japan
Clair Hiley-Jones
Steve Hill
Kirstien Hodgson
John Hoey
Morag M. Hogg
Alan Holbein
Louise Holden
Paula Hollings
Harry Holmes
Vera Holmes
Helen Honeyman
Elly Hood
Rosie Hopkins
Rosemary Hopkins
Walt Hopkins
Don Hopper
Jun Hoshikawa, Japan
Makoto Hoshino, Japan
Fiona Hourston
Oliver Housley
Lucy Howard
Diana Hoy
Gordon Hudson, New Zealand
Dr.HGA Hughes
Tamsin Humphries
Alison Hunter
Glen Hunter
Ian Hunter
Ritchie Hunter
Heike Huschauer
Herbert Husker
Dr. Judy Hutchings
Marianne Hutchison
Heidi Huych, Belgium
Andrew Hyde
Janet Ingram
John Ireson
Viktoria Isaksson,Sweden
Sumiko Ishimatsu, Japan
Rhisiart ab Islwyn
Carol Ivett
Tom Jackson
Sander Jacobs, Belgium
Guillaume Jacquet, France
Catharine Jalil
H. Jamba, Zimbabwe
Heather Jameson
David Jamieson
Miranda Janie
Ali Jansen, The Netherlands
Robert Jansson, Aaland Islands
Geoffrey Jarvis
Bethan Jenkins
Caitlin Jenkins
Joe Jenkins
Lynne Jenkins
Mats Johansson, Sweden
Helen John
Di Johnson
Eileen Johnson
Elisabeth Johnson
Tom Johnstone
Alex Jones
Janet Jones
Katherine Jones
Devon Jones
Janet Jones
Melvin Jones
Morag Jones
Phill Jones
Gwen Jones-Edwards
Margaret Jordan
William Joseph
Hannah Judge-Brown
Lisa Kamphausen
Itoh Kanji, Japan
Melina Karnei, Germany
Wam Kat, Germany
Amreeta Kaur
James Keenan
Christopher Keene
Lindsay Keenan
Paul Kelly
Matthew Kemp
Joseph Kendall
Bruce Kent
Patrick Kenyon
James Kerr
Belinda Kerrison, Australia
Alison Khan
Anna Kiethe
Alistair Kilgour
Gill King
John King
Monica King
Emily Kingston
Phyllis Kinney
Amy Kinsey
Becca Kirkpatrick
Martin Kirkwood
Julia Klaus
Lena Klevenås
Tommy Koivuu, Finland
Stephanie Krayer
Caroline Matilde Kristensen, Denmark
Suzanne Lacey
Clare Laffrey
Caroline Laidlaw
Judith Laidlaw
Morgan Lake
Hans Lammerant, Belgium
Jane Lamont
Basil Landau
Jean-Yvon Landrac, France
Pat Lang
Brian Larkin
Rose de Larrabeiti
Sarah Lasenby
Gavin Lashley
Richard Lawson
Ailbhe Leamy
M. Leask
Jane Lee
Ms. V. Lee
Willie Lee
Jose van Leeuwen, The Netherlands
James Leigh
Peter M Le Mare
Morag Lennie
T. Levine
Danya Lewis
Jane Lewis
Bjorn Licht
Joeri van der Linden
Ville Linden, Finland
Jenni Lindsay
Emelia Linwood
Marika Lisitschkin, Sweden
Jack Little
Joyce Llewellyn
Kerri Lobb
James Loftus
Nikki Logan
C. Logan
Mark Long
Sandra Long
Carol Longbottom
Michael Longbottom
Michal Lovejoy
Veronica Low
Samantha Lowe
Angela Lucey
Michelle Lukanu
Isabel Lunn
Laura Luonua, Finland
Helen Lyle
Niall Lyons
Debbie Lyttle
Lyn Ma
Andy Mac
Paul MacDonald
Peter Macdonald
A. Mace
P. Mace
Craig Mackay
Don Mackeen
David MacKenzie
Fiona Mackenzie
Alan MacKinnon
Catriona Macleod
Kaisa Maenpaa
Melissa Magee
Stina Magnuson, Sweden
Johan Malcorps, Belgium
Sarah Malka
Miriam Mallalieu
K.Man, Belgium
Jason Mangan
Rachel Mann
Alex Mannion-Jones
Magdalena Markiewiz
Shona Marple
George Marshall
Jason Marshall
Steve Marshall
Jane Martin
Moyra Martin
Susan Martin
Tom Martin
Frances Mascarenhas
D. Mason
Peter Mason
Koji Masuda, Japan
Shinji Matoba, Japan
Gordon Matthews
Rob Mawer
Malcolm May
John Mayne
Jenny Maxwell
Shona McAdam
John Mcalistey
Caroline McCaffrey
Natalie McCall
Julie Anne McCambridge
Clare McCann
Eoin McCarthy
John McCarthy
Karen McCloy
Marty McCormack
John McCue
Tara McCulloch
Anne McCullagh-D'Lyske
Helen McDermott
Sarah McDonagh
Dr John McDonald
Morag McDonald
George McFarlane
Ctherine McGrath
Abbie McGregor
Isabel McGregor
James McGuigan
Stewart McKay
James McKee
John McKee
Hannah Mckellar
Elizabeth McKenna
Mairead McKeown, N.Ireland
Finlay McLachlan
Duncan McLaren
Denise McLaughlan
Henry McLaughlin
Richard McLaughlin
Barry McLeish
Beth McLeish
Grace McLeish
Sophie McLeish
Daniel McLeod
Eleanor McLuskey
Maggie McMahon
Cate McMillan
Fiona McMurray
Stephen McMurray
Fiona McNairney
J. McNeil
Sandy McNeil
Olive Meadows
Eileen Measey
Mandy Meikle
Helen Mein
Rebecca Melhuish
Jane Mercer
Julia Mercer
Joan Meredith
Beth Merrill
Simon Mertens, Belgium
Donia Mili
Andrew Miller
Janet Miller
Jennifer Miller
Stuart Miller
Douglas Milne
James Mitchell
Penny Mitchell
Rafael Mitchell
Koen Moens, Belgium
Susan Moffat
Clare Montgomery
Fiona Montgomery
A. Mooijman, The Netherlands
G. Mooney
Niomh Mooney
Justin Morahan
Kevin Moran
Rauda Morcos, Palestine
Christine Morgan
Howard Morgan
Janet Morgan
Shigeyasu Mori, Japan
John Morris
Stella Morris
Stellan Morris
Suzanne Morrison
Anthony Morrow
Andy Morton
Glenys Mulvany
Mahmout Muna
Eileen Munroe
Tatsuharu Murakami, Japan
Yozo Murakami, Japan
Peter Murray
Susan Murray
David Musgrave
Havva Mustafa
Carol Naughton
Jennifer Nelson
Heidi Newell
Leila Newman
Dave Newson
Sylvi Niallet, France
Emily Nichol
Steven Nimmo
Ester Nixon
Apollinaire Noleye, Switzerland
Marie Nordlund, Sweden
Janne Nystrom, Finland
Dave O'Carroll
Martin Ogilvie
Clare O'Grady
Andrew Ohagan
Andrew Oliver
Marc Olivier, France
N.Olivier, Switzerland
Almudena Izquierdo Olmo, Spain
Johannes Olwage
Patrick O'Neill
Ryoko Oomoto, Japan
Danuta Orlowska
Alice O'Rourke
Finola O'Sullivan
Nikki Ould
Robert Pacley
Michael Paginton
Mahir Palejwala, Kuwait
Sr. Palma
Bridget Palmer
G. Palmer
M. Palmer
V. Palmer
Artemis Pana
Roman Pankin
John Panter-Brick
Alison Parfitt
Paul Parker
Sandy Parkin
L. Parkinson
Bob Parsons
Sue Pattisin
Lisa Paton
Ann Patterson
Anna Pearce
Ivor Pearce
Jo Pearce
Katerina Pechova
Christoper S Peel
Ian Penman
Naomi Pennington
Roddy Pennycook
Lindis Percy
Gordon Peters
William Pettifer
Richard Phelps
Sandra Phelps
Jan Sutch Pickard
John Pinto
Hope Piper
Lizzie Pitt
Lena Pocorny
Margaret Healey Pollett
Joseph Pond
Sylvie de Pontival, France
Simona Ponzo
Mark Porciani
Olive Powell
Claire Poyner
C. Priest
Maggie Priest
Sophie Priestley
Ian Prior
C. Purton
Amy Quinn
J. A. Quinn
Anthony Radcliffe
Gillian Radcliffe
Alan Rae
Anni Rainbow
J. Sri Raman, India
Peter Ramand
Anna Ramsay
Jean Ramsay
Brian Rands
Sam Raphael
Amy Rawlins
Bill Rea
Joss Redfern
Marie Redmond O.P.
Esti Redondo, Basque Country
Nicky Reed
Roy Reekie
Anna Rehin
Frances Reid
Lotte Reimer
Xavier Renou, France
Gemma Rhodes
Francesca T. Rhys
Michael Ribb
Elfriede Ricbraher
Will Rice
Francesca Richards
John Richards
Dorothy Richardson
Sally Richardson
Dr. Herbert Richter-Peill, Germany
Anne E Ridgeway
Dieter Rieber, Germany
Joseph Ritchie
Yvonne Rivers
Juliet Roberts
Nicola Roberts
Alison Robertson
Anna Robertson
Belinda Robertson
Jan Robertson
Les Robertson
Norrie Robertson
Ronald Robertson
James Robinson
Mrs. P. Robinson
Mark Rodgers
Jacqueline Rogers
August Rojzner, Switzerland
Sara Rolle
Joseph Rooney
A. Roper
G. A. Roussopoulos
Jaine Rose
Mary Ann Rose
Miriam Rose
Ewan Ross
Miriam Rose
Rina Rosselson
Ruth Rosselson
Jeremy Routledge, Republic of South Africa
John Rowland
Nicholas Rowley
Anna-Linnea Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Fanny Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Fredrika Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Klaara Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Gordon Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Karl-Johan Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Karl-William Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Saritta Rundberg, Aaland Islands
Katherine Rundell
Sally Rush
Daniel Russell
Jason Russell
Jonathan Hamilton Russell
Mr. A.Ruttley
Lex Ryder
Bettina Ryser, Switzerland
Michael Sackin
Mana Saito
Tom Sales
Harry Saloor
Margaret Sampson
Andrew Sanders
Kate Sanders
Irene Sanderson
Penny Sanger, Canada
Roland Sapsford, Aotearoa/New Zealand
Jill Saunderson
C. Savage
Margaret Saweby
Lieve Schamp, Belgium
Ulrika Schulte-Baukloh
Annerose Schulz, Germany
Anne Schuman
Christoph Schurhaus, Germany
Alison Scott
Flynn Scott
Jacqui Scott
M.G. Scott
Thom Scott-Phillips
Colym Scriven
Lucy Scurfield
Judith Scutt
Helen Searle
D. Seely
Jan Semotan
Jonathan Shafi
Lindsay Shane, Canada
Janet Shapiro
Douglas Shaw
Christina Shefa
Emma Shepherd
Hilary Shibata
Kazuhiro Shibata, Japan
Andrew Saenz De Sicilia
Ben Simkins
Ellie Simm
Anna Simmons
Joy Simpson
Mark Simpson
Sarah-Jayne Simpson
Eileen Sinclair
William Sinclair
Ester Siroky
Celia Skelton
Alice Slater, USA
Jim Slaven
Lieva Smellings, Belgium
Adelheid M. Smith
Anne Marie Smith
Helen Smith
Ian Smith
Stewart Smith
Anthony Smithson
Penny Snape
Lucy Sobrero
Anniéle Södergård, Aaland Islands
Leni Solinger
Jeremy Spafford
Steve Sparks
Ella Sprung
Eppie Sprung
David Squire
Iona Steen
Karin Stenstedt
Monica Stephen
Andrew Steven
M. Steward
Nicola Stewart
Iain Stiven
Lucy St.John
Paula Stoelinga, The Netherlands
Bridget Stone
Jez Stone
Cat Storrie
Roy St.Pierre
Rae Street
Barbra Stuart
Francis Stuart
John Stuart
Ramona Monika Stucki, Germany
Roel Stynen, Belgium
Kathleen Sullivan
Oliver Sumerling
Johanna Sumuvuori, Finland
Sandra Sundblom, Aaland Islands
Winifred S. Sutton
Gillian Swanson
Ali Syed
Sian Sykes
Takashi Tadakuma, Japan
Susan Tait
John Talbut
Jakob Taljemark
Jane Tallents
Claire Taylor
Clare Taylor
Danny Taylor
Jude Taylor
May Taylor
Stacey Taylor
M.Phoebe Taylor-Thorpe
C.M Teale
Jane Temple
Otsuka Teruyo, Japan
Teruo Teshima, Japan
Joan E Thomas
Stephen Thomas
Jane Thorne
Joanna Thorpe
Laura Thorpe
Anne-Marie Tibbits
Sitara Tilly
Ellen Timoney
Darren Toal
Nobuko Tokunaga, Japan
Lorraine Tollemache
Robert Tollemache
Anne Toms
Miss E M Topham
Tara Topteagarden
Anna Torstensson, Sweden
Mrs. Margaret Mary Tracey
Katy Travis
Jack Trevelyan
Maggie Trevelyan
Janice Trivett
Janet Macleod Trotter
Johanna Tudhope
Ken Tudhope
Rosi Tudhope
Veronika Tudhope
Peter Tugneri
Erik Turakka, Finland
Greta Turakka, Aaland Islands
Miriam Turley, Northern Ireland
Henry Twigger
Janet Tyrrell
Franz Ucko, USA
I. Underwood
Zeynep Urgun
C. Urquhart
Wille Valve, Aaland Islands
Eli Vandercasteele, Belgium
Tomoko Veki, Japan
Sue Meredith Velado
Graham Venters
Ingrid Verbinnen, Belgium
Eva Verbruggen, Belgium
Corentin Verrier, France
Alex Warwick Vesztrocy
Francesca Viceconti
Amanda Vincent-Rous
Jean-Michel Vourgere, France
B. Vovsden
Vreven, Belgium
Tuuli Vuori, Finland
Daniel Waddell
Lorna Waite
Alison Walace
David Wald, Belgium
Andy Wales
Bridget Walker
Rory Walker
Zam Walker
Eric Wallace
John Wallace
Marian Wallace
Rod Walters
Sami Wannell
Deborah Ward
Richard Ward, USA
Valerie S Ward
Ann Marie Wardell
Caroline Wardle
Kathleen Wardley
Jamie Wardrop
Alyn Ware, New Zealand
Hugh Warwick
Joanna Waters
Philip Waters, Belgium
Gareth Watson
Rita M. Watson
Rick Wayman
Alan Webb, New Zealand
Tom Webster
Janet Weil, USA
Seonaid Weightman
Doug Weir
Judith Weltman
Ann West
Betty West
Mary White
David Whitecross
Yanna Whitehead
Louise Whiteside
Peter Wickenden
Kara Wight
Naomi Wight
Willie Wight
Vanessa Wilde
Derek Wildman
Miriam Wilkinson
Zainab Wilkinson
Ben Williams
Dr. Bill Williams, Australia
Mick Williams
Rowan Williams
Martin Williamson
Myra Williamson
P.A. Williamson
Tom Wills
Meriel Wilmot-Wright
Celia Wilson
Mrs. J.Wilson
Joseph Wilson
Robert Wilson
S. Wilson
Bonnie Wisniewski, USA
Mike Wisniewski, USA
Joan Withers
Steven Wojewodzki
Cathleen Wood
Dr. David C. Wood
Dominic Wood
June Wood
Laura Wood
Barry Woodling
Jenny Woodruff
Tim Woolrich
Kate Worland
Calum S. Wright
Cleone Wright
Emma Wright
Felix Wuensche, Germany
Gerald Wy
Ruji Yagi, Japan
Anglade Yannick, France
Marlene Yeo
Peter Yeo
Geoff Yeomans
Turi Yogananda, Italy
Simon Yuill
Farah Zaman
Laura Zavala, USA
Zina Zelter